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As I sat in my classroom at the beginning of February 2017 planning workouts for the track team, I realized that one of the things I like to do more than ANYTHING in the world is help high school athletes achieve their potential in running. I love seeing them improve and run faster than they thought they could. It is my mission to create a resource for high school athletes, specifically runners, who want to achieve their potential in running. The video below will explain what the new is all about. If you are not able to watch the video, or you would prefer to read about it instead, look below the video:

The Kaizen Running Academy:

When I was in high school I wanted to become the best runner in the state of Washington. I worked so hard, but I got injured every single cross country and track season from my sophomore year through my senior year. Turns out I wasn’t training right, I wasn’t running with ideal running technique and I didn’t know how to set goals. I thought mental training was all about repeating positive affirmations to myself in the mirror plus I hurt myself weightlifting because I had NO idea what I was doing and there wasn’t really anyone who knew all the right things to do.


I tried out for my college cross country team three times. I missed making a top Division I team by 1-3 spots each time, and although this experience was extremely frustrating, my desire to become the best runner I could become never left me. I began to read and experiment. I developed solid plans, habits and technique. That has led me to where I am today.


I continue to be a competitive runner and although I can’t say that I haven’t been injured since I learned all the things, I CAN say that 100% of the time I know WHY I have gotten injured and I know HOW to get better.

ENROLL in the Kaizen Running Academy NOW!!!


This is how the Kaizen Running Academy works:

The Kaizen Running Academy is a series of videos, audio files, pictures, articles, quizzes, printables and actual products that will help ANY runner (but my focus is on high school runners) achieve their potential in running distances from the 800 meters through the 5K in cross country.

There are many resources that are free, and others that cost money. When I pay money to see a counselor or a coach, I invest more of myself into the experience and as a result I get more out of it. I offer free resources because I want to provide quality content for anyone. For those wanting to take their running to the next level, the cost is well worth it.

There are 6 areas of focus, or principles: Form, Training, Nutrition, Strength, Mental and Injuries. Every principle contains a a page with coordinating sub-principles. You can do the following with each principle:

  1. Browse and study each individual principle and take advantage of all of the free resources.
  2. Purchase 1 “Running Class” at a time. For example, let’s say you are very interested in the “Mental” Training and Preparation aspect of running. You could purchase that course individually and the others if you are interested in the future.
  3. Purchase all 6 “Running Classes” and save money, having unlimited access to ALL of the resources and access to any additional or updated resources in the future.

ENROLL in the Kaizen Running Academy!!!

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