Adversity into Adventure

           I will start this post out with an example.  A man loses his job.  With the economy the way it is it isn’t a surprise to him, but that doesn’t make life any easier.  He’s still unemployed and without an income to support himself and more importantly his family.  This man has a choice—1. He can be bitter, hate the world and say, “Why me?” and blame a slew of variables for his  unfortunate misfortune OR  2. He can look at his adversity and turn it into an adventure.  He can say, “You know, this stinks, but whining, crying and blaming won’t make anything better, actually it will probably make things worse.  I will take this adversity and make it an adventure.  I get to do something I never thought I would do.  I get to learn new things, meet new people and have new experiences.”  I KNOW that’s easier said than done, but in my opinion and in my experience life in general is easier said than done.

              I went into the doctor in January of this year (2010) and was told I had lyme and parasites.  I was told I could NOT eat wheat, dairy or corn and that I NEEDED to eat many more vegetables.  I had to take a supplement on an empty stomach in the morning and wait an hour before I could eat, then I had to take certain liquid supplements 3 times a day and digestive enzymes with each meal etc.  Add school, homework, a part-time job and a new baby on top of that and life is a little crazy.  I had a couple choices.  1.  I could say, “Man, this is the dumbest thing that’s ever happened to me!  I love dairy, wheat and corn, why me?  After all I’ve had to endure and go through why does this always happen to me?” or I could say 2. “Yes, this is rough and I have gone through a lot, but this is very interesting.  I will be able to know what people that are allergic to gluten feel like.  I will be able to feel what it feels like, in a small way, to be lactose intolerant and not be able to eat wonderful dairy products.  This has never happened to me before and I’m excited to see what things I CAN eat.”  What made things better was that my wife was very supportive and went out of her way, while still being pregnant, to accommodate my needs.  I will be forever grateful.

I think about running and the bad races, injuries, fatigue, depression, anxiety and every other setback and I know that if we will look at the trials as a way to get better, as a time to sit back and examine things, learn, set new goals, update our plans and commit to improving then we will be happier, and in many cases faster, healthier, stronger, wiser and better all around.

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2 Comments on “Adversity into Adventure

  1. For one so young… wise you are……the FORCE is strong in you! Needless to say I’m very impressed and touched by your strong spirit. Thanks for asking me to “like” your page I felt a sweet spirit testifying to me that what you said was true about not blaming but conquering your trials and looking at the new adventures….hope your new diet works out….you look and sound quite healthy…..keep up the great attitude…love to all? Sis Calvert

    • You are the best Margo (Sister Calvert:) Thank you so much.

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