KRP 002: Goals and Dreams

Podcast number 2 so far. I talk about setting goals and different types of goals you can set. Remember to comment below on what your goal is or is going to be. Thanks!

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8 Comments on “KRP 002: Goals and Dreams

    • Thank Jon. You might be my FIRST commenter so THANK YOU! You’re awesome.

  1. Howdy Caleb, thanks for the podcast! My goal is to run the Utah Valley Marathon on June 11 and improve upon my first marathon time from last year. And to stick to my training plan.

    Enjoying it! Keep it up!

    • AWESOME!!! I’ve actually thought of you several times while creating this site and the podcast, but I didn’t want to thrust it upon you. I am SO glad you’re enjoying it. To be honest, you are part of the inspiration for this podcast and its content, so thank YOU! I hope to continue adding awesome content to make Utah Valley a great race for you. What are you most interested in learning next?

  2. Caleb! I’m diggin’ the podcast. It’s great to listen to on my runs.

    I’m not a very intense runner, but I do enjoy it. Actually, I never thought that I would ever find running to be enjoying, or that I ever look forward to my runs (which I do now), or crave going on a run. I used to HATE running. But then grad school and kids happened, and I had no other way to get out the stress and anxiety. Last year I started taking it a little more seriously and stretching myself to run longer distances. The first time I ran 3 miles I felt like I could conquer the world. Since then, the farthest I have run is a little over a 10k. Eventually, I would like to run a half marathon. A full marathon isn’t out of site, but still not quite something I want to think about.

    My goal for this coming week, and starting from then on, is to start running every day. You mentioned briefly how important it is to do that, and I’ve been making excuses for not doing it for a long time now. I usually run 3 or 4 times per week, between 3 and 4 miles each run, averaging a pace of between 7:30 and 7:34 per mile (a lot faster than two years ago when I started and could only run ONE mile at about 10:30). The days that I don’t run tend to be my busy ones, but I realized that if I even run one or two quick miles those days, it is better than nothing, and I know that I can make time for that.

    By the way, I’d like to mention from a support perspective that I too have anxiety (and also OCD). I have found that running (along with cutting certain things out of my diet, such as caffeine), I have been able to more fully manage my anxiety and OCD at a level that allows me to more fully enjoy life. So, thanks for sharing what you shared on your first podcast. I’m excited about this!

    Un saludo,


    • SO AWESOME! A bunch of things going through my ADD brain right now, but let’s try to organize them:
      1. Thank you so much for sharing everything that you did. This is great. And your feedback is excellent.
      2. If you want to run a marathon, cool. If not, cool. I REALLY enjoy marathons, but as of right now, it’s not my focus. My wife doesn’t enjoy running. She loves Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, which I think is awesome. So no pressure on the marathon, and you don’t have to run a marathon to call yourself a runner.
      3. You are right on the money with running every day. When I was getting back into running after one of my many breaks following burn-out or injury, but this specific time I remember just saying “I’m just going to go out and run 15 minutes.” and I did. Sometimes I would go out in my pajamas because the thought of having to change etc. and the itme it would take was overwhelming.
      4. Thanks for the anxiety (and OCD, even though I don’t have OCD, just some OCD tendencies as far as I know) support. I really believe the Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD, mental health dialogue needs to be A LOT more open and forthcoming than it currently is so thank you. Keep it up hermano. Un abrazo! Hermanos no se saludan, hermanos tienen que abrazarse! Yeah, that’s my attempt to take a Tommy Boy quote and put it into Spanish…:)

  3. Hi Caleb! My goal is to BQ at UV marathon. To do that I need to cross the line in 3:30 which is 8:01 pace. My full marathon PR is 4:46 from 2013 UV marathon and half marathon PR is 1:40:51 from 2015 Nebo half. As a part of training, I will run Ogden marathon this month. I am not concerned about PR or anything for this marathon. My plan is to run 5 mile (10 sec slower than marathon pace) -3 mile at marathon pace -1 mile at 10 sec faster than marathon pace, and repeat. The rest of the miles, I will run slower.
    I often feel my goal is too ambitious. I have a dream to cross the Boston marathon finish line next year. It maybe delayed but I want to fulfill my dream someday.
    I put a link to my website that shows my race history.

    Would you look at it and give your input about BQ?


    • AWESOME! Dyle, that is a great goal and I think you can do it. Whether you do it or not, I know that you are having joy in the journey and that’s where I’m at too. I often set ambitious goals, but I am learning to enjoy the things along the way to hopefully achieving my goals and as I do a couple things happen: 1. I enjoy life A LOT more and 2. I believe that act increases my chances that I will achieve my goal because I am happier, I get burned out less and I just feel better. Keep it up and I’ll take a look at your race history.

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