KRP 003: Cadence and the steps you take

If I had to make one podcast on running and one thing besides actually RUNNING that I would suggest over anything else, it would be to become conscious of and focus more on your cadence. Cadence is sometimes referred to as “stride rate” or “stride frequency”. How many steps should a runner be taking each minute? Does it even matter? In this episode I talk about that.

Show notes are as follows:

Daniels’ Running Formula (the book)

Jack Daniels’ Website

Metronome Apps: Search your respective app store for “Metronome” and the ones I have used that work well are “Mobile Metronome” and “Pro Metronome”.

Podrunner: One of Podrunner’s 180 bpm

BPM websites for finding songs at a specific beats per minute:


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3 Comments on “KRP 003: Cadence and the steps you take

  1. Thank you Jospeh. I appreciate the feedback my friend!

  2. Spotify has an excellent BPM feature. Just go to “Browse” > Scroll to “Running” > Pick a playlist > “Start Running” > “Skip” > Adjust to 180 BPM.

    • Brandon, thank you so much. This comment was in my Spam folder. I did not put it there, but I think the blog/site put it there maybe because “Spotify” was the first word…Who knows, but THIS IS GREAT! Thank you SO much for sharing this on the blog.

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