KRP 021: BE FEARLESS with Laura Thweatt

Laura Thweatt is FEARLESS! She’s also beautiful, chill and so down-to-earth. I got to interview her after she placed 5th in the Women’s 10,000 meter final of the Olympic Trials here in Eugene. For someone who came so close to qualifying for the Olympics and didn’t make it, she is SUPER positive and hopeful. She will be running the 5,000 meter later this week and I am rooting for her…and no one else! Jk, but I do hope she does well. In this interview we recap her race in the 10K, talk about what she would do different, move onto the 5K, and then talk about her and her life. You’re going to LOVE this.

Show Notes:

The 10,000 meter Olympic Trials Final Highlight Video

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