KRP 022: A Hard Sport with Tara Welling

Tara Welling is SO cool. Sweetheart, frank, competitive and humble. She ran the 10,000 this past Saturday in the Olympic Trials final and did not do well. She took that bad race, and used it as motivation when yesterday she ran a great 5,000 meter in the Olympic Trials semifinal qualifying her for the final this Sunday July 10th. In this interview I get to know Tara, who she is, what she likes. Then we talk about her time at the Nike Oregon Project, injury, retiring (briefly) coming back, being coached by Jonathan Marcus, getting sponsored by Skechers and making it to the highest profile track meet the United States has to offer. Something tells me, you’re going to like this! Find links and show notes here:


Show Notes:

30-Day Running Challenge (Kaizen Running FB page will keep you posted.)


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2 Comments on “KRP 022: A Hard Sport with Tara Welling

  1. Hi Caleb-
    I am Tara Welling’s mom and listened to the interview you did with her today. I was very happy to hear her interview and just wanted to thank you for choosing her. I’m also so glad you saw all her wonderful qualities that make her such a special & loved young lady. Thank you again for giving her this opportunity.

    • Wow! Thank you Christene. That is very kind, encouraging and sweet. It takes two and I am VERY glad she responded. My hat’s off to you for raising a great girl. Thank YOU for your comment. Makes the hard days worth it. Please keep in touch, and if you have any recommendations on who to interview next please let me know.

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