KRP 023: Coming Back with Anna Willard

Anna Willard has run 1:58 for the 800, 3:59 for the 1500 (4:16 estimated 1600 meter equivalent) and 9:22 for the steeplechase (that’s 5:01/mile for 1.86 miles over a total of 35 immovable 5 inch x 5 inch barriers each 2.3 feet high, 7 of which include a friendly water jump starting measuring 2.3 feet deep and sloping up until level with the ground approximately 12 feet later.) Whether you know anything about fast times for women runners or not, these are fast. She’s been to the Olympics once (2008) and ran in the Finals. She ran in two World Championships Finals (Steeplechase 2007 and 1500 m 2009.) Where do you go from there? A gold medal attempt perhaps? World records? What happens when you get sick, and injured, and can’t seem to improve? This is Anna Willard’s story.

Show Notes:

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