KRP 024: Be Your Best with Ashley Higginson

Ashley Higginson is a lawyer in New Jersey. Ashley Higginson LOVES to throw parties and have friends over. Ashley Higginson is a sponsored running for Saucony who competed in the Olympic Trials in 2012 and just recently, two weeks ago in Eugene, Oregon. Ashley grew up in New Jersey, did all her schooling in New Jersey, and with the help of some GREAT people in New Jersey along with her hard work and dedication has become one of THE BEST steeplechasers the United States has ever had. WARNING: The first time I interviewed Ashley, I didn’t record any audio. The second time I only got part of it. I promise to be better. This podcast is short and sweet, kind of like Ashley:) Also, Ashley and I have worked together to create a SWEET graphic of Ashley at the Trials with one of her favorite quotes and a quote from our interview. You can find that in the show notes below!

Show Notes:

THE GRAPHIC with Ashley’s Pic and Quotes

Ashley’s Twitter

Ashley’s Instagram

Ashley’s Blog

NJ*NY Track Club

Saucony (Ashley’s Sponsor)

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