KRP 027: Falling Up with Amanda Eccleston

Put yourself in Amanda Eccleston’s shoes…or spikes. You’ve qualified for the Olympic Trials and you’re going up against Jenny Simpson: US and World Champion; Shannon Rowbury: US 1500 meter record holder and World Medalist; and Brenda Martinez: World Medalist in the 800 meters. In that same race are the two fastest high school girls of all time (Alexa Efraimson and Mary Cain, who both turned pro after in the last three years) are in this race with MANY other ridiculously fast elite women. What are your chances? What’s going through your head? What in the world are you doing? SPOILER ALERT: Amanda takes 4th place in the Olympic Trials 1500 meter final. She loses to 3rd place Brenda Martinez by 0.03 seconds. This episode explores her journey and how she got to where she is.

Show Notes:

Roll Recovery Discount (Promo code mentioned in podcast episode.)

“Put nerves in a box” Graphic Download

Women’s 1500 meter Final Olympic Trials (YouTube)

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