KRP 015: 200 lb Footballer to Nike Pro Trail Runner, David Roche

David Roche was once a 200+lb football player who grew up on a rural farm in Maryland. After going to Duke and Colombia he met his soul-mate Megan and they started running together. They have both since made several world teams in trail racing and are currently sponsored by the Nike Professional Trail Team. “The Stoke is High” as they say in the trail world with THIS podcast as David and I talk about world trail racing championships, sky racing, comparison, embracing injuries, chasing results, slowing down, speeding up and strides.

Notable Quotes:

“Maximize Adventure”

“Chasing results is a false oasis…Reaching results is never a fulfilling process.”

“Slow down and enjoy the process.”

“Smile every mile.”

“Run lots, slow down, then run really fast.”

Show Notes:

David’s Blog

Jupiter Peak Steeplechase Park City, Utah (July 30th, 2016 Saturday)

David’s Coaching Blog

David’s Strava

Cool Article on David and Megan

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