Tracktown The Movie Review

I feel like Napoleon Dynamite and Prefontaine (the movie) got married, had a baby and named it “Tracktown: The Movie”. And that’s a good thing.


I have been in Eugene since Thursday night June 30th. It has been AWESOME! It’s also been hard. I’m dealing with a limited budget and I’m staying about 2.2 miles from Hayward Field which is a blessing and a curse because it forces me to have to either run or walk/hike to the stadium every day as I don’t have a vehicle–limited budget:)


Last night I was able to attend Tracktown: The Movie starring Alexi Pappas and her boyfriend who’s the movie director Jeremy Teicher.

I have NEVER done a movie review, so be nice, but because of the circumstances I feel it important to do one:

  1. I went to premiere event/showing last night (which I normally don’t do, even though I like movies a lot, I don’t make a point of going to premieres.)
  2. I love running and I am a total Alexi Pappas fanboy.
  3. It’s been a while since a sweet running movie has been released and a longer while since a running movie came out that was good.

Now, understand that I am a Spanish major, XC and Track coach, not a movie critic or writer, here goes nothin’!

Things I REALLY liked:

  1. The cool quotes throughout the movie. Super cool.
  2. The music throughout I thought was well chosen and fit very well. I’m an indie guy and it fit the whole thing.
  3. Several scenes, especially the first one where Nick Symmonds is at is HILARIOUS. I feel like Napoleon Dynamite and Prefontaine (the movie) got married, had a baby and named it “Tracktown: The Movie”. And that’s a good thing. Hilarious, unique and fun.
  4. Plumb Marigold, along with the movie as a whole, are genius, cute, sweet, fun, genuine, honest, cheesy, awkward, and random. In short: My kind of movie.
  5. I actually liked the ending, how it didn’t really resolve and you were left to make your own conclusions, judgments and opinions.

Suggestions I have:

  1. I want to show this movie to my cross country and track athletes. Even though I WANT to, I wouldn’t be able to because of the inappropriate scenes and I would get in trouble by parents and administration. I won’t spoil anything, at least not too much, but I felt like things could have been done a little differently and STILL accomplish the same purpose. For example what if we showed the beginning and end of the intimate scene, and not the middle? Certain details could have been omitted while still accomplishing the purpose.

Overall, I loved it and it’s about time a sweet running movie was made and I hope there’s a sequel…and an edited version for high schoolers that coaches can show at camp and fun activities. Keep it real! And kaizen my friends.

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