What does it take?

Today I watched a video of David Rudisha’s 800 meter world record and then coached at Day 1 of our Region Track meet for the high school team. As I watched the video and as I coached, the following question just came to me over and over:

What does it take to be great? How do you get to a high level of performance? How do you run two 50-second 400 meter runs back to back like David Rudisha? How do you high jump 6 feet 5 inches like the Provo athlete who won today? (Current high jump WORLD record 8 feet 1/2 inch Javier Sotomayor from Cuba. What? Cuba? That’s just crazy in and of itself if you ask me.)

Sometimes I will just use this blog to think out loud and get you guys to join in the conversation and share some wisdom with me. What do you think? Obviously some of it is

  1. Natural talent.
  2. Genes, what you’re born with, which goes along with natural talent.
  3. Training.
  4. Persistence, dedication, focus.

What percentage is it? Or is it all dependent upon the individual athlete? For example, maybe Athlete A has A LOT of natural talent, more than Athlete B, but Athlete B works harder. Sometimes Athlete B may win, but sometimes Athlete A will win…


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